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ZESSA-Click brings an exciting summer camp educational activities to foster personal growth for kids.  Interesting and informative online Microsoft Excel exercises.

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Results at a click (Setup)

Integration between your system with Excel & Power BI dashboards.

In today’s digital world from experience most of the activities users are performing can be easily done by computer at a click! especially analysts are investing too much time to run, download, bring data into Excel & Power BI compatible format, pasting data, and making different dashboards in different files.

“Results at a click” removes all the above steps and makes the linkage between ERP with designed dashboards. At a click, each morning users can see updated dashboards and can pick key business drivers/insights from results to share with Management for decision support. So, it is time to move resources from MI to BI– (business insights)

Shown below 3 types of setup available on this template, all based on the organization’s ERP data structure.

1. Full Automation directly from the system
2. Semi-Automation, apart from system and part from manual data
3. Full Automation on manual data 

Sales Tracking Graphs

Tracking of monthly sales, region/area wise to send communication across participants and senior management will energize sales team and generate sense of responsibility to perform upto their best level, In this tool it gives country wise monthly sales performance against target, last month & year figures in numeric form, performance contained volume, proceed, COGS and margin and in another sheet it gives graphical view of actual volumetric & margin performance against month & year to date target, to view each performer either performing well or need some directions.

Product Mix & Variance Analysis

To analyse the performance of products in depth which product is growing or declining based on its volume, rate, COGS comparing last  month or year, this tool gives numeric or graphical presentation of all grades to identify the route cause  of the major & minor change  in the product mix. The template shows results at absolute and unit level volume and price variance.

Business Analysis

This template will help you to see the business performance in a numeric form showing volume, proceed, COGS & margin comparing same period last year, results can be seen in absolute and in per unit with contribution percentages. It can gives performance of Top 10 product, channel by regions, individual product performance, view at customer or customer by SKU level. It also highlights top performing customers and customers appearing at minimum or negative margin.

Discount Controlling Tool

Every business needs control mechanism to easily identify the challenges at the customers by products level, we in ZESSA-Click have developed this tool to help you to identify in a graphical view for those customers who are having low volume business and enjoying high discounted prices. In this tool you can set pricing lines to show the price bands along with their margins, graphs will show the yellow dots reflecting volume/proceed combination to identify each customers buying behaviour.

Retail new site investment model

Investment involves money outflow hence extra smart versions of calculation models required

Yes, investment calculations can be work out by any team, but best industry practices helps you to make smart decision rather trial and error

Benefits – ZESSA-Click’s investment calculation model comes with

  1. Best industry practices
  2. Volume estimation on physical vehicle survey with conversion rate
  3. New concept of cannibalization which is widely used in Retail & FMCG
  4. Options of company operated, dealer or hybrid

Retail site wise sales performance

Retail site (Petrol Pump) wise sales review can be seen in this template which will give leaders comparative analysis of each site’s volumes of both the period and the variance in percentage and in absolute value, this information can be seen either at country level or at regional or area manager level, it also gives view at product level and top/bottom 10 sites as well.

Products contained Fuel (Super, Diesel, SKO and HOBC) which can be change according to your requirement

Financials at a click

Most of the ERPs generating Balance sheet, P&L and Cash flow separately and users need to refer different files for different months with so many links and in some cases changing links based on the change in trail balance

This tool park respective data automatically in P&L, B/S and Cash flow from TB in a single file with different tabs contained month wise, segment wise view along wise last month/year comparisons.

So users can spend their time analysing financials instead of putting efforts on making them.

Lubricants cost effective formula calculator

The main objective of this tool is to provide a view of the most cost effective lubricants formulations as and when required among the various formulations entered in this tool based on the prevailing base oil and additives rates to help supply chain to produce low priced grades for more profitable product portfolio. This tool can also be used to get cost effective formulations based on the future projected base oil and additives prices. 

How to update prices in JDE

The document contains all the easy to use guidelines for JD Edwards Users on how to update Pricing and Discounts in JDE for Lubricants and Fuel, Whether it be Commercial Business or Retail Business.

70 pages word document with JDE Screen shots with each and every option from start till end.

Corrugated Roll cost calculator

During the business meetings it is necessary for the sales representatives to have a tool which can be handy and quick to give accurate calculation of corrugation roll costing, specially for the carton manufacturing companies.

This document will give cost of corrugated rolls based on some inputs which is very accurate and easy to use.

It also contained instructions how to use this document in English and Urdu languages.

Corrugated Carton cost calculator – Urdu

کاروباری اجلاسوں کے دوران فروخت کے نمائندوں کے لئے ایک ایسا ٹول ہونا ضروری ہے جو کارٹن کی لاگت کا درست حساب دینے کے لئے آسان اور فوری ہو سکتا ہے۔

یہ دستاویز کچھ معلومات کی بنیاد پر نالی دار کارٹن کی لاگت دے گی جو بہت درست اور استعمال میں آسان ہے۔

اس میں یہ ہدایات بھی شامل ہیں کہ اس دستاویز کو انگریزی اور اردو زبانوں میں کیسے استعمال کیا جائے۔

Human Resources Policies & Procedures

Robust Personnel management policies cite several  important ways in which they contribute to the success of a business enterprise. HR Policies empower the Management to administer in several areas including curbing litigation, communicating with Managers/Staff and precious time savings and man-hours.

ZESSA-Click offers HR policies that will create an atmosphere of meritocracy, equality, justice and most importantly impartiality.

This product contained:

Code of Conduct, Recruitment, Benefits and Facilities, Performance Rankings, Leave, Business Travelling, Training and Development, Medical Schemes & Benefits, Retirement Funds & End of Service Benefits, Internship, Harassment & Discrimination and Other Company Policies

Parts of HR Policies also available

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Free Excel formulas

20 Excel formulas with Index, individual tabs with links and practice area.

Unlimited downloads, you will get notification upon new changes to download the file again without any cost.

Excel formulas for Schools, Colleges & office beginners

40 Excel formulas for Schools, Colleges & Office beginners with Index, individual tabs with links and practice area.

Unlimited downloads, you will get notification upon new changes to download the file again without additional cost.

it is allowed for Schools and Colleges to buy 1 time and cascade this template to all students and can also make excel syllabus according to the class level.  

Excel formulas for Universities & Professionals

60 Excel formulas for Universities & Professionals with Index, individual tabs with links and practice area.

Unlimited downloads, you will get notification upon new changes to download the file again without additional cost.

It is allowed for Universities to buy 1 time and cascade this template to all students and can also make excel syllabus according to the student Batch level.

Some of the very useful formula like “Convert” ease students to understand measurement and conversions quickly. 

ZESSA-Click offers Sample Data for your templates


Results at a click (Maintenance)

Shown below 3 types of maintenance available, all based on the organisation’s ERP data structure.

  1. Full Automation directly from system – no manual interference
  2. Semi Automation, part from system and part from manual data
  3. Full Automation on manual data

ZESSA-Click offers maintenance of the Products

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