According to Statista, Twitter has about 430 million users worldwide by 2021. By 2025, that number is expected to grow to around 500 million users worldwide. Twitter began its journey as a social networking site where users could post their short 140-character posts called tweets. It’s now a “communication hub for images, videos, audio clips, and more,” reports Business Insider.

Steps to download videos from Twitter:

Open Twitter, and go to the tweet which contains twitter video.

Get the link/URL of the tweet which have video.

Method 1: Click on the tweet, and copy the URL from address bar of the browser.

Method 2: Copy click on the three dots (…), and click on “Copy link to Tweet”.

Now right click on the tweet URL and “Copy link address”.

Paste the tweet link in the above input URL box, and click on “Download” button.


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