Office Politics: Too dangerous for the organization itself

Most of the time office politics become so cruel like toxic, we have chosen some extracts from Harvard Business Review

Office Politics Don’t Have to Be Toxic

“Unfortunately, research has shown that employees from underrepresented groups are often excluded from the informal mechanisms of office politics, hindering their ability to advance. In this piece, the authors describe how toxic organizational cultures can lead these employees to disengage from the political arena, ultimately harming their career prospects, while inclusive cultures can foster participation in healthy office politics. Based on both an analysis of in-depth interviews with ethnic minority employees in the UK and a broad array of prior research on politics, leadership, and inclusion, the authors offer five strategies to help organizations build healthy cultures, in which all employees are able to engage in and reap the benefits of office politics”


ZESSA-Click has chosen this topic to have reader’s view on how to avoid office politics, you can comment even anonymously




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  1. Hi ZESSA,
    I was getting really affected by Office Politic. After reading this blog, I can relate to it and this article really helped me.

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