Will ChatGPT replace Google Search?

What is ChatGPT?

Chat GPT is an auto-generated AI chatbot system developed by Open AI for connected customer care. This is a pre-trained generative chat. Open AI addresses (NLP) natural language processing.

The origin of this text data are textbooks, websites, and various articles. This chatbot system provides information and answers requests via AI. The popular version of Chat GPT is the GPT 3 model.


Features of Chat GPT:

The main feature of Chat GPT is to generate human-like responses in text fields. Therefore, it is suitable for chatbots, conversations with AI systems, and virtual assistants. You can naturally answer casual questions and create stories and poems. Additionally, Chat GPT allows you to:

  • Write a code
  •  Write an articles
  •  Translate
  •  Debugging
  • Write a story/poem




Will ChatGPT replace Google Search?

The chatbot runs on OpenAI’s GPT3 Large Language Model (LLM). It was trained on an enormous amount of text using 175 billion neural network parameters. Expected GPT4 at any point will outpace 100 trillion! A language model uses machine learning to predict the next word in a sentence based on previous information or prompts. LLM has been called “the world’s most powerful autocomplete technology”. They voraciously feed sentences, facts, and example dialogues, learning statistical patterns to string them together in a coherent order. That’s how they plan the conversation. However, most of them are not optimized for “truth”. They don’t understand what they’re saying, and they don’t know if it’s true. As one expert puts it, “The model aims to be plausible, not truthful.”

OpenAI’s latest invention made headlines around the world. Search queries for titles are trending across social media. ChatGPT won’t replace Google Search anytime soon. This is not because ChatGPT does not have access to the internet and lacks up-to-date information.




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