About Us

ZESSA-Click as a different idea ever, founded by an industry expert along with the people and himself bringing more than 25 years of business modeling and analysis experience from Shell, British Petroleum (Castrol), Dawood Hercules Group (Lawrencepur), ECIL Pakistan-UAE-Canada, PRDS Pakistan-UAE,  My Eye Lab-USA and project financial resource on Asian Development Bank funded projects and US Aid Program

Zubair, the main brain, being the founder of ZESSA-Click spent 15 years with Shell and 12 years with British Petroleum put the idea of sharing the capitalization of his cross functional experience of business, process automation and analysis. How, founded ZESSA-Click with the following key themes and segments

1-Excel Templates and Models

Ready to use Ms Excel templates with sample data which are in industries’ high demand, save organization’s resources time in customized templates and model preparation and their validation

2-Expert’s services

Experts’ services to customise, develop, maintain the Excel templates and models

3-ZESSA-Click professionals marketplace

This altogether a new idea gives every professional and corporate employee an opportunity to earn side money by just putting their own templates to sell to the world. Professional efforts in the form of Ms Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Python templates may be needed by any of the organization on the world and ZESSA-Click market place is the place where sellers and buyers meet. ZESSA-Click earns a nominal commission from sellers only for the transaction of sale