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By Product | By Region | By Segment
Use Case

New Managers, team leaders always need the best bench mark practices for business analysis through a tool, template, model or software to unfold the visibility at various meaningful levels

Understanding of best practices of the industry helps new managers and leaders to take it to the next level of decision making, corrective and proactive actions

The need of the right time business analysis demands and justified the use case of a model that could analyzes the performance of business at various levels i.e By Products, By Region and By Segment along with a comparative view of Actuals vs. Plan vs. Previous year

What is this
  1. This is an excel based model to help business managers, finance, supply chain and sales team to analyze the performance of business at various levels i.e By Products, By Region and By Segment
  2. It has few standard input cells at “Data” sheet with the existing reporting and available data of any organization
  3. The model is suitable for middle and senior level new manager and existing leaders for any industry and any product, however to create an example case, we have taken Oil & Gas as an example but the input cells are open for any type of segmentation, products, packs, and regions
  4. An additional select and play option in the form of pivot table is also available to ease the visibility and unfold the various analysis levels
Best for whom

New Managers | Existing senior business leads | Finance | Sales & Marketing | Planning | Supply Chain

Cost benefits of using it

This template will help new managers to save their time in exploring and trails and error approach to analyze the business performance.

Template enables them to see the business performance in a numeric form showing volume, proceed, COGS & margin comparing same period last year, results can be seen in absolute and in per unit with contribution percentages.

It can give performance of Top 10 product, channel by regions, individual product performance, view at customer or customer by SKU level. It also highlights top performing customers and customers appearing at minimum or negative margin.

Operational Details

Following sheets Have been designed to give the user a maximum flexibility over the analytical view of their business, segment, product and region’s performance

  1. Two (2) operational sheets named “Data”, “Control Sheet”
  2. Ten (10) Results and analysis sheets
Technical Details

What to do? How to do? Are the key guidelines for each area of the model/template mentioned on the separate sheet as “how to use”

This sheet serves the purpose of detailed training of using this tool and get the best of the best results to lead the industry on cost effectiveness