Business Plan Feasibility Model – Free

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What is this

  1. This is an excel based model to help and support startups to prepare a justified plan based on a real and logical estimates
  2. This will support startups to prepare a plan right from the scratch covering almost all aspects of the startups journey
  3. This will also help the audience and funds providers, investors to review the estimation break up and basis of the estimation, market dynamics and business spectrum
  4. Its covers the overall and granular break up of each assumption

Best for Whom?

Startups | Existing Business new launch | SMEs | Financial Experts | Consultants | Investors

Cost benefits of using it

The main objective of this tool is to provide a working platform to the business owners and startups Its has two variations, one is 100% free model having a variety of input fields and out, second one is the premium model which is the same and having the liberty of change, add, delete, amend and see each and every cell of the template, 100% customizable

The main cost benefit of using it you have to pay nothing to run the feasibility of your business plan and once you are satisfied you may opt the premium version

Operational Details

Various operational cells are designed by industry experts with more than 20 years’ various industries experience

  1. Input cells are yellow highlighted
  2. Grey cells are the results and locked cells
  3. “How to use” sheet contains everything including user manual

Technical Details

What to do? How to do? Are the key guidelines for each area of the model/template mentioned on the separate sheet as “how to use”

This sheet serves the purpose of detailed training of using this tool and get the best of the best results to lead the industry on cost effectiveness

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