Lubricants Cost Effective Formulation Template

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What is this?

  1. This is an excel based model to help supply chain to produce the best trade off grades between
    The low priced grade options | Best cost effective formulations | Keep maintaining quality standards
  2. It has few standard input cells to create the desired grades based on material actual or expected cost
  3. You just select various possible combination of “Base oil” and “Additive” with % mix
  4. In Result, get the best cost effective formulation to produce low priced grades

Best for Whom?

Lubricant & Chemical Organizations Supply Chain | Lubricant Blending Plants | Financial Experts | Lubricant & Chemical Consultants | Chemical Plants

Cost benefits of using it

The main objective of this tool is to provide a view of the most cost effective lubricants/chemical formulations as and when required among the various formulations entered in this tool based on the prevailing base oil and additives rates to help supply chain to produce low priced grades for more profitable product portfolio. This tool can also be used to get cost effective formulations based on the future projected raw material price

Operational Details

Three operational sheets designed by industry experts with more than 20 years oil and gas industry experience.

  1. Input sheets to create standards of your existing or planned lube grades
  2. Option selection and “Base oil” + “Additives” mixing sheet with various options of %
  3. Results sheet to see the cost effective formulation

Technical Details

What to do? How to do? Are the key guidelines for each area of the model/template mentioned on the separate sheet as “how to use”

This sheet serves the purpose of detailed training of using this tool and get the best of the best results to lead the industry on cost effectiveness


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2 reviews for Lubricants Cost Effective Formulation Template

  1. Zaynab

    I have never seen such an effective insightful tool, very specific to lubricant best formulation with comparative analysis

  2. MBS

    I would love to put my feed back for this very impressive thing for lubricant formulation

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