New Retail Site Investment Model

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What is your saving
Very specific input for all variables and dynamic input options enables you to see various aspects of money inflows and outflows, hence smart investment decisions increase the chances to invest smart

More likely to save from losing your money for any wrong investment

Whats new
Developers of this models have spent more than 20 years in various industries, hence presenting the best of the best calculations being used in various industries for smart investment decisions, no trial and error any more, be specific, make pin point decisions based on dimensional input

Volume estimation based on number of vehicles by putting physical vehicle survey (machine based physical vehicle survey – third party vendors are available) gives you accurate calculation rather than investing blindly

Cannibalization is altogether a new introduction of a very widely used factor currently being used by international Retail brands and FMCG sectors
This compile the volume and margin estimations based on eating up one product volume by another product by the same company selling on same channel

Slabs based structure for Franchise fee and other revenue drivers calculation enables you the make variable setup for volume based slabs
It also gives you the option of yearly escalation to make projected revenue and volume calculations as well


Investment sharing options with hybrid sharing options cascade the results into various funded based segments enables the decision makers to see which option will be viable by comparative analysis

Result in the form of performance indicators like NPV, IRR, Pay back, EBITDA enables management to view various options comparison to select best out of the best comes out through the specific calculation and facts rather than just trial and error approach

Hence, the model itself is a knowledge base which tickle down most of the industry best practices and money saving possibilities by taking care of ground level facts



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1 review for New Retail Site Investment Model

  1. SAhmed

    Apparently its a new concept altogether, machine based vehicle survey for volume estimation and to understand the road behaviour in that particular area with cannibalization of one product over another is really a value addition of this model, i would love to review it in detail,
    secondly they told that this has been designed by a team of people spent more than 20 years in the industry makes it reliable in terms of calculation and what to calculate

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