Results at a click

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In today’s digital world from experience most of the activities users are performing can be easily done by computer at click! especially analyst are investing too much time to run, download, bringing data into excel compatible format, pasting data and making different dashboards in different files.

“Results at a click” removes all the above steps and make linkage between ERP with designed dashboards. At a click each morning users can see updated dashboards and can pick key business drivers/insights from results to share with Management for decision support. So, it is time to move resources from MI to BI– (business insights)

This tool can work on most of the ERPs like SAP, JD Edward, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle etc. and can show daily almost all areas of business performance at a click with no manual efforts.

There are 3 types of setup available on this template which are shown, all based on the organization’s ERP data structure.

  1. Full Automation directly from system
  2. Semi Automation, part from system and part from manual data
  3. Full Automation on manual data
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