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Use Case


Finance and business team spend days and week to prepare monthly business results, this process push the delays to decision makers to take right time decisions over financials, supply chain, production, cash flows and sales
Business C-level team and owners require a magical stick to give them a real actual picture of the business results and financials whenever they need it on just one click
The gap between the ground reality and top executive requirements created a demand for a set up to be implemented and configured with the existing ERPs within the organization to present the right time results and click just one time anytime
ZESSA-Click’s team has designed this MS Excel based tool to present results in just “One Amazing Click”

What is this

1- This is a big set up that extracts data from your existing ERPs in pre-defined format with multiple options & reports to converge that data into one single click to present desired business results
2- These results (customizable) are hereunder;
a. Financials
b. Cash flows
c. Accounts Receivable
d. Accounts payable
e. Closing Stock
f. Sales performance
g. Product Mix Variance
h. Open Purchase Orders
i. Unposted Batches
j. Item details
k. Cost Roll up
l. Pricing
m. Customer List
n. Supplier List
o. Client’s Demand base possible reports

Best for Whom?

Group Companies | SMEs and SMBs | CEOs | CFOs| Finance Directors | Financial Experts | Consultants

Cost benefits of using it

Business analysts, finance and cross functional teams invest recurring time at every month or period end to run, download, bringing data into excel compatible format, pasting data and making different dashboards in different files, a reasonable amount of time requires which delays the right time decision making based on the actual results
The set up, “Results at a click” removes all the above steps and make linkage between ERP with designed dashboards. At a single click each morning users can see updated dashboards and can pick key business drivers/insights from results to share with Management for decision support
This tool has the functionality to be configured with most of the ERPs like SAP, JD Edward, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle etc. and present the desired results in a single click even on daily basis

Operational Details

The “One Click” set up is primarily based on the available ERP structure within the organization, however in general, there are three types of setup available
1. Full Automation directly from system
2. Semi Automation, part from system and part from manual data
3. Full Automation on manual data

What our team will do: Technical Details

1. ZESSA-Clicks team will first of all have 2 to 3 sitting with the designated teams (onsite/online) to review the existing ERP structure
2. AS IS and TO BE documents presentation
3. Project Plan milestones, timeline, fee and training sessions agreement
4. NDA signing
5. Business Focal point/back up resources identification, orientation and lock
6. Project status review and agreed frequency report
7. Pilot run
8. Pre “Go live” review and mock testing
9. Go Live


Onsite and online training sessions will be conducted, the number to training sessions will be agreed along with project plan approval

User Manual

A detailed, step by step user manual will be provided at the time of go live to the organization’s project lead

“Results at a Click” Maintenance

Organization’s designated teams will be trained to run the model on required frequency of time which may be as minimum as “Daily”, this will also be run through train the trainer approach, however if an organization decides to outsource the maintenance of the RACC set up to ZESSA-Click, a separate meeting will be held to decide the milestone, working decorum, availability (online/onsite), frequency of the reports, subscription fee, and target audience will be agreed and locked

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  1. MBS

    This is a seriously time saving tool, in past we spent weeks to see our monthly results which was a pain, thanks ZESSA’s team for working on this and these are available now on just a one click

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