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Use Case

Sales volume, numbers, and target chasing on the go always push sales tracking to be a dynamic visibility which could portray the actual picture even on daily basis. This demand justifies the requirements of a dynamic model that could present figures and graph on auto dynamic visibility. This use case scenario has been built with the purpose of dynamic visibility to shorten the decision making time and take corrective/alternate strategic and directional decisions

The frontline sales performance, leads and draw the road map of most of the affiliated department and segments of the organization

By product, by region, by country, by area for both volumes and gross margins are the key elements demanded for decision making pin point to SKU level

What is this
  1. This is an excel based model to help business managers, finance, supply chain, planning and sales team to analyze the actual vs. forecasted volumes for each period to compare
  2. It has few standard input cells at “Data” sheet with the existing reporting and available data of any organization
  3. The model is suitable for middle and senior level new manager and existing leaders for any industry and any product, however to create an example case, we have taken Oil & Gas as an example but the input cells are open for any type of segmentation, products, and regions
  4. The dynamic graph gives the specific performance of a product, region, country at volume and gross margin level
Best for whom

New Managers | Existing senior business leads | Supply Chain | Sales & Marketing | Planning | Finance

Cost benefits of using it

Tracking of monthly sales, region/area wise to send communication across participants and senior management will energize sales team and generate sense of responsibility to perform to their best level, In this tool it gives country wise monthly sales performance against target, last month & year figures in numeric form, performance contained volume, proceed, COGS and margin and in another sheet it gives graphical view of actual volumetric & margin performance against month & year to date target, to view each performer either performing well or need some directions.

Operational Details

Following sheets Have been designed to give the user a maximum flexibility over the analytical view of their business, segment (at area manager level, product and region’s volume and gross margin

  1. Two (2) operational sheets named “Data”, “Control Sheet”
  2. One (1) snapshot sheet for pin point graphical view
  3. One (1) sheet named as “Sale” gives various unfolded levels like, volumes, COGS, gross margin, and per unit
  4. One (1) how to use sheet
Technical Details

What to do? How to do? Are the key guidelines for each area of the model/template mentioned on the separate sheet as “how to use”

This sheet serves the purpose of detailed training of using this tool and get the best of the best results to lead the industry on cost effectiveness